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Earl-lee bird conservatory inc

Located in Leesburg FL, The Earl-Lee Bird Conservatory provides food shelter and medical care for our rescues and residents.

our history

In the wake of the loss of my beloved best friend Sandy, I was truly mourning and really missed her companionship. During a day of retail therapy with my son at a local flea market we came across a young girl and her father selling chickens to support their local 4h chapter. Being the curious pair that we are, and the pity party I was in, we began to chat it up and learn more about the Tupperware bins full of chicks.  

Never being around farms, farm animals, or live food for that matter, I was a novice the little girl happily began schooling. In hinds sight I know she is not the cute little innocent farmer girl I thought her to be. o no , that savvy little sales person had me loaded down with three chickens, fifty pounds of feed and out the door in no time. The one thing I didn’t know then, was that this was the beginning of something really awesome.

                And so I goes, three turn to ten to fifty and more I was an addict in need of a fix. Searching the classifieds,craigslist and feed store walls I had to get my next hen. You learn as much about yourself as you do the ones you love when living together. I'm building my character while I build their coops and I swear they have healed me more than I could ever heal them.

                As our skills and our flock grew so did the requests for help from others. We learned about neglected, at risk, and injured birds from illiegal fighting, neglect and abuse having nowhere to go. Information and resources were almost impossible to find. Most local vets and shelters are not equipped and trained to care for birds.  We offer a sanctuary to not only birds but to all animals in need. We are solely funded by donations from animal lovers, and my very last dime if need be.